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Inaugural SMGA Junior Golf Players'

Drive, Chip and Putt Competition



One of the most renowned Junior Golf competitions in the world is the Drive, Chip and Putt Competition which was held

last month at the world renown Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA where The Masters Tournament is held annually.

This competition has junior golfers demonstrate the 3 fundamental skills that are necessary to compete in the sport of


Here in Sint Maarten Junior Golf SXM held our inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt competition last month at Mullet Bay Golf Course.
There were a total of 75 participants aged 8 to 12 who competed in all three categories. 35 advanced to the preliminary round and

18 participated in the finals. Listed below are the top 10 finalists and the winners from each category.
1.   Luke van Holland Little
2.   Amir Baharani
3.   Maxime Rosa
4.   Arhan Baharani
5.   Benjamin Koster
6.   Fynn Perterson
7.   Yannick Hoogenboezem
8.   Amaury de Laguarigue de Surviller
9.   Jaden Rumnit
10. Luc Koster

1. Amir Baharani
2. Maxime Rosa
3. Elia Bevilaqua
1. Luke van Holland Little
2. Yannick Hoogenboezem
3. Roman Rosa

1. Arhan Baharani
2. Kai Rambhadjan
3. Ben Koster
1. Hugo Petit
2. Luc Koster
3. Jaden Rumnit


The juniors had a wonderful time and enjoyed the fierce competition. Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful tournament

and are looking forward to competing again next year.

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