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Keith Graham wins 2021 Golf’s Thomas R Smith Challenge Cup



Keith Graham took top honors in winning the 2021 Challenge Cup and Buzz Adamski was Runner up.  The match went to the last putt on the last hole so it was extremely competitive.


The Thomas R Smith Challenge Cup which has been held annually since 1994 is a straight knockout tournament for members of the St Maarten Golf Association. Winning this prestigious cup is a much sought after honor and more than 30 member players vie for the opportunity to win each year.


Named after Thomas Smith who was a founding member of the St Maarten Golf Association, the tournament is played over 18 holes and in order to hold the final cup, the ultimate winner has to win 6 rounds of golf on a golf handicap system.


2022 Challenge Cup competition will start in a few months and everyone is practicing hard in order to hopefully hold this piece of golf history in their hands.


For more information on this tournament or membership please contact the Golf Shop at the Mullet Bay Golf Course or check out the SMGA Facebook site at

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