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Sam Bashir, Safin Bashir and Tim Ahlip group win

impromptu 3 person’s Scramble at Mullet Bay course



Sam Bashir, Safin Bashir and Tim Ahlip took top honors during a SMGA scramble at the Mullet Bay Golf Course. This event

organized by the St. Maarten Golf Association ( SMGA ) drew 9 teams of 3 golfers to the course on Saturday September 3rd 2022. 


On a golf course that’s benefiting from some recent rain SMGA was proud to host the impromptu event and the 9 teams

fought a very close and competitive battle. 


Eventually the winners shot a stunning 60 stroke net score. Runners up were team Scott Sitra, David Donoghue and Lee Hallam

with a score of 63 net. This time it was the team of Jan Peter Holtland, Andy Holmes and Keith Graham who won 3rd place

with a score of net 64.


The last minute turn-out reflects the eagerness felt across St. Maarten and St. Martin to normalize sports events since the pandemic.


For more information about the SMGA, please contact the Pro Shop at the Mullet Bay Golf Course or check our Facebook page for the latest updates:

Scramble Sept 2022
Sam Bashir, Safir Bashir and Tim Ahlip 
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