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Concordia Cup - November 12th & 13th 2016​

The St. Maarten Golf team claimed this year’s Concordia Cup by beating the St. Martin Golf team by 19.5 points to 16.5 points when 18 of the best golfers of the Dutch and French side faced each other for a two-day Match Play event during the St. Maarten/St. Martin Day weekend celebrations.

On Saturday morning the format of play was foursome alternative shots and the Dutch side took a hard fought lead with a score of 5.0 points to the French team's 4.0 points. The afternoon playing format was a foursome best ball and the French side came storming back to end the day with a 

commanding lead of 10.5 points compared to the Dutch side's 7.5 points.

Sunday being the final day the format was individual play with 18 points up for grabs – one on one - unfortunately for the French side golfers they were unable to maintain their lead and the unruffled Dutch side team made an 

exciting come back by regaining the trophy after two years with a win of 19.5 points versus the  French side's 16.5. 

Although there is very real competitiveness between the two teams their camaraderie was also very evident during lunch celebrations at Le Sand Restaurant following the tournament.

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