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Concordia Cup 2023

St. Martin Retains Cup


The annual Concordia Cup golf tournament to commemorate St. Maarten/St. Martin day was held over the weekend of

November 11th and 12th. Started in 2005, this tournament is based on golf’s “Ryder Cup“ and pits the players of Dutch side

St. Maarten Golf Association ( SMGA ) against those of the French side's Saint Martin ( Les Tamarins ) players.

The event is held over two days with 18 players per team.


Scoring is 1 point for a win, ½ point for a draw, 0 point for a loss.


On Saturday morning 36 players started playing at Mullet Bay Course in teams of “2 against 2“for 9 holes. The lowest score of the 2 being the one that counts against the opponent’s lowest score. Les Tamarins players’ team managed to get ahead by one point scoring 5 vs 4 to the SMGA.


Thereafter, all players went straight on to play the remainder of the course with a different format. In teams of 2, the players had to hit the same ball alternately until the end of the hole. This time the Dutch players fought back gaining 5 points over 4 points. So, after the first day the competition remained tied with 9 points each.    


Sunday morning the format was 18 individual matches. SMGA players had to win 10 out of the 18 matches to win back the cup. A daunting task and one that sadly did not come to fruition, with Les Tamarins gaining a successful 12 wins and 2 draws against 4 losses. Thus, Les Tamarins golfers retained the Concordia Cup 2023 with a 22-to-14-point win.


Since 2005 this 2023 Concordia Cup is the 19th annual tournament. Presently the Dutch side has won 10 and the French side 9. The French side has won the cup for the last 5 years so 2024 will be exceptionally interesting.


Keith Graham ( President SMGA) thanked Jan Peter Holtland and Fred Boureau for the scoring and organization, and then with a small tear in his eyes handed over the Concordia Cup to Fred Boureau ( President Les Tamarins ) to the very loud cheer from the well-played French players.


The Concordia Cup tournament, although very competitive, is played in friendship and good spirits with all players looking forward to continuing this prestigious tournament for many more years.

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