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Thomas R. Smith Challenge Cup 2021

Runner up - Buzz Adamski and

Winner - Keith Graham 

2nd Annual Steve Mix memorial 2022

3pax Scramble 

Winners: Sam Bashir, Jenny Marzi and Tim Ahlip (not picture)

Winners SMGA Tournament.jpg

2-Person Scramble winners

4th June 2022

Val Bank and Lester Samuel

Christmas Scramble December 2021.png

Santa Scramble 2021


Thomas R. Smith Challenge Cup 2020

Tony Lake (winner) and Keith Graham (runner up)

Christmas Scramble December 2021 Winners.png

Santa Scramble winners 2021

Concordia Cup 2021-2.jpg

Concordia Cup Teams St. Martin and Sint Maarten 2021

3 Person Scramble.jpg

3-Person Scramble - March 2021

Sxm R&A Junior Golf Open 2020.jpg
SXM/R&A Junior Golf Tournament July 2020
ECGA 2019.jpg
St. Maarten ECGA Team 2019
Moonlight Scramble October 2021 Winners.jpg
Moonlight Scramble winners - October 2021
Howard Hobgood Scramble September 2021 Winners.jpg
Howard Hobgood Scramble winners - Sept 2021
2 Persons Stableford May 2021 Winners (1).jpeg
2 person Stableford winners May 2021

Santa Scramble 2019

group pic ss.jpg

Winner of Challenge Cup 2019

Jesus Rivera

Runner-up of Challenge Cup 2019

Kenny Patterson

         Santa Scramble 2015

               Men's 1st Low Gross 

                  SXM Open 2015


Winner and Runner-up
Challenge Cup 2019

     Concordia Cup 2015 Teams

    1st Place - Night Golf 
           April, 2016
St. Kitts - Winner Overall Team Low Gross
  ECGA Tourament 2015 - in St. Maarten
       2-Man Scramble - Winners June 2016
      Didier Kerfourn and Stephane Legendre

                       Santa Scramble - December, 2016

Concordia Cup - November 2016 - St. Maarten vs St. Martin

ECGA Team Picture SXM Team - Opening rec

     St. Maarten ECGA Team 2015

Challenge Cup 2017 - left to right - Jan Peter Holtland (Runner-Up) and Marc van Iersel (Winner)

         2-Man Scramble Winners 

                 June 2015

     SXM Team Winners 3-Country Tournament 2015

          3-Man Scramble 1st, 2nd

              & 3rd Place - 2015

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